BY FAR 嬌小手柄/斜挎包Mini Circular Croco Embossed Leather Shoulder Bag

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這款 Mini 包於 2018 年隨 BY FAR 的首個手袋系列亮相,具有結構緊湊的輪廓。優雅的蓋翻和固定的皮革頂部手柄帶來無可挑剔的外型。 款式採用 BY FAR 的標誌性鱷魚壓紋皮革製成。 配有額外的肩帶,適合不同場合的配搭。 在 BY FAR,我們精心挑選所有材料。請小心處理,以延長產品使用壽命。 • 避免在非常潮濕的條件下使用 • 請勿使用溶劑以及過度或長時間摩擦,否則可能會損壞產品 • 用柔軟的干布清潔 -皮革頂部手柄/斜挎包 -圓形鱷魚紋壓花皮革, 材質:100%歐洲牛皮 -可選可調節皮帶(103 – 116 厘米) -磁性螺柱開合 -拉絲金色五金配件(紮馬克底座) -邊緣噴漆細節 產地: 西班牙製造 尺寸:長 17 厘米 X 寬 7.5 厘米 X 高 11.5 厘米 我們所有的產品都是 100% 正品。 照片僅供參考,顏色會因不同設備顯示而有色差,一切以實物為準。 保修:產品出現磨損時不提供任何保修服務。

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Debuting with BY FAR's first handbag collection in 2018, the Mini bag has a structured miniature silhouette, proven to be timeless. The impeccable construction is defined by an elegant flap closure and a fixed leather top handle. The style is crafted of croco embossed leather, a signature for BY FAR. Featuring an additional shoulder strap for different ways to wear.

At BY FAR we carefully select all materials used for our products. Please handle with care for longer product life.
• Avoid use in very humid conditions
• Do not use solvents and excessive or prolonged rubbing, as this could damage the product
• Clean with a soft, dry cloth

Leather top handle/crossbody bag
Circular croco embossed leather
Material: 100% European cowhide leather
Optional adjustable leather strap (103 – 116 cm)
Magnetic stud closure
Brushed gold hardware (base in zamack)
Edge-painted detailing
Made in Spain

Size: L 17 cm X W 7.5 cm X H 11.5 cm

All our products are 100% AUTHENTIC.
Photos are for reference only and colors may have chromatic aberration. The real object should be considered as final.

WARRANTY: Product does not come with any warranty services in the event of wear and tear.

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